Our Part in the White House Urban Entrepreneurship Summit

What better way to boost the US economy than to rely on one of its oldest legacies – the American Dream. We are proud to be part of the White House Urban Entrepreneurship Summit! As entrepreneurship plays a central role in creating jobs and economic opportunity, the Obama Administration is committed to creating public-private partnerships to support current entrepreneurs and spark a new generation of urban entrepreneurs. Paul Quintero, thanks to the impact he has on entrepreneurs as CEO of ACCION USA, had the privilege to be  invited to this White House event as keynote speaker.

According to the results of our field tests, each AUSA small business loan recipient creates 3 new jobs on average. Wages provided by ACCION USA borrowers are 24% higher than the national minimum wage. The business survival rate among ACCION USA clients is 89% for start up businesses.

Joann recieved a sprout loan from ACCION USA for her home based cheesecake business

Joann recieved a sprout loan from ACCION USA for her home based cheesecake business

Culinary student, Joann spent 30 years perfecting her cheesecake recipe and decided to start a pastry business out of her home. With a loan from ACCION USA, she was able to expand her advertising and her selection of products. She now rents a space at the local green market and sells her wares once a week.

Not only do we provide capital for entrepreneurs to start their businesses, but we are also invested in seeing them succeed. One of our most successful financial education programs is the Sam Adams Brewing the American Dream Program. Run by Jim Koch, founder of Sam Adams and fellow entrepreneur, this program offers small business coaching sessions for entrepreneurs in the food and beverage industries. Sit in on a session on June 13!

Check out more about the Urban Summit: Use hashtag #urbansummit on twitter:

@SteveCase: WATCH LIVE: Urban Entrepreneurship Summit http://bit.ly/m0dGbM #StartUpAmerica #UrbanSummit

@bretta75 “Money follows money. If you’re in a high income neighborhood you’ll have an easier time attracting capital”- Edwin Hong Seedco #UrbanSummit

@natashaforeman Love 2nd panel at the #UrbanSummit. Sharing process of credit building, acquiring loans & making your biz attractive to investors/lenders

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