5 Reasons to Buy Local this Holiday Season

This holiday season, we are looking at how social minded holiday shopping can make a positive impact on communities. Of course, we still want to be able to give gifts to our friends and loved ones – but wouldn’t it be nice to give a socially responsible gift by considering where the gift comes from? By making a conscious decision to patronize small businesses you can help to preserve local culture while also making a difference in the economy. ACCION USA works with new and growing microentreprises on a daily basis and realizes the profound role small businesses play in the economic and social fabric of this country. For that reason, we have created a list of 5 reasons to patronize small businesses for this year’s holiday shopping:

1. Improve your local economy

Chances are that the small businesses you are patronizing are owned by someone who lives in your community. This means that the money you spend locally will get filtered back in your local economy. And even if you are buying online, you are still creating a ripple effect through another community.

2. Create Jobs

Over the past two decades, small businesses have generated around 65% of new jobs. If independents regained their 1990 market shares, entrepreneurs could create 200,000 new small businesses, generate about $ 300 billion in revenue in the retail and restaurant sectors, and employ more than 1.6 million American workers.

3. Enrich your Community

Nobody wants to live in a neighborhood that lacks a small business culture. While franchises and national chain stores play a role in the national economy, we all know that small businesses provide an undeniable vibrancy and sentiment vital to community life. Many people believe that small businesses are not just the economic but also the social heartbeat of America.

4. Personalized Experience

Shopping at small local businesses always offers a personal and sincere customer-owner interaction, impossible to replicate with large-scale vendors. Small business shop owners are interested in their clients, know their wants and needs, and are willing to give their customer personal attention to answer questions about their products. Furthermore, a small business owner is passionately and inextricably linked to the success of his or her business, which means they are experts on the product that they create and sell.

5. Original, Handmade Gifts

If you like to give original, handmade gifts, you can’t beat shopping at a locally owned business. Small businesses are commonly thought of as trend setters – paving the way for their larger scale counterparts with an unbridled imagination and vision. Also, small businesses usually do not have to scale their product for a mass market, which ensures high craftsmanship and originality.

To buy local, visit your local store, view our client directory map, or buy online at our Holiday Marketplace: www.accionusa.org/marketplace

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