Apply For a Kiva Microloan

Kiva Logo Accion East partnerKiva is a nonprofit, person-to-person lending website that allows individuals to provide loan capital directly to entrepreneurs like you around the globe. Accion East has partnered with Kiva to offer person-to-person loans to small businesss in the United States. Applying for a Kiva loan is just like applying for a standard Accion loan—you'll get one-on-one attention, competitive interest rates, and access to business capital! 

Here's how the program works:

  1. Apply for a standard Accion East loan for under $5,000 and choose to participate in the Kiva program. 
    Need more than $5,000? You can still apply for an Accion East loan, but will not be able to participate on the Kiva Website.
  2. Your story is posted on and individuals support your business through Accion East.

  3. Individuals supporting your business at receive updates about your loan.

How do I qualify?

For questions please call 1-866-245-0783  or chat live with a customer service representative.