Partner With Accion

At Accion, we believe in the power of partnership. We work with a wide range of business partners, who refer prospective clients to us.  They spread the word about our small business loans, alternative financing, and much more. Our business partners also play a huge role in the development of financial education resources we provide to our clients. Both online and in person, our partners extend our reach to new communities and small business owners.

Here are just some of the types of partners we work with:

  • Small Business Owners. Small business owners serve as key partners for Accion -- telling others about us and referring friends and colleagues.  
  • Institutional Partners. Banks, other financial institutions, and corporate partners refer people and businesses they cannot serve to us, helping ensure access to much-needed financing. Learn more at

It's all part of the Accion partner community, one that continues to grow, thrive, and increase awareness of our small business loans.  Learn more about some of our key partners.


   How Accion

An Accion small business loan offers individuals the opportunity to strengthen their business and credit.  By referring to Accion, you'll help position your clients for future bank financing while maintaining a strong customer relationship. Learn more.

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