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There's never been a better time to go green, and Accion has the resources to get you started!  Whether you're looking to take the first steps towards going green or have a business that's already helping the environment, Accion can help you get the green loan you need to grow or get started.

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  • Green Business Loans: If you own a business that provides green products or services to your community, Accion has a green loan product designed to help you grow
  • Energy Efficiency Loans: If you own a restaurant, retail store, or another type of business, investing in energy efficient equipment can help you save money, qualify for government tax credits, and boost business profits. Accion can help with a loan to finance the costs of going green
  • Green Business Tips: Our library of green business tips can help you take your first green step, or further green your small business
  • Green Business Success Stories: Learn how other small business owners have worked with Accion East and Online on reducing the environmental impact of their businesses
  • Green Business FAQ's: Learn how your business can easily go green, quick green business tips and resources, and more in our Frequently Asked Questions page

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We took the Energy Star Challenge and are making a commitment to green our own business operations. Join Accion in the green business movement!