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Green EarthIf you have an existing business that provides green products or services and have what it takes to grow, an Accion Green Business Loan can help. We bring 20 years of lending experience to our green business loan program and will work with you one-on-one to help you reach your eco-friendly business goals.

  • Get the money you need to renovate, start providing new products or services, increase working capital, and more!
  • We specialize in working with weatherization contractors, green restaurants, alternative transportation providers, and other types of eco-friendly businesses

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Loan Terms, Fees and Interest Rates:


 New York


Interest Rates SBA LogoSBA interest rates: 8.99% annually Range from 8.99% to 15.99% annually
Loan Amounts &  Terms
Loan Amounts up to $35,000 and terms up to 60 months Loan Amounts up to $50,000 and terms up to 60 months
Fees A $100 closing cost and a $30 application fee will be financed into your loan A closing cost of 3% to 5% (minimum of $100) a $30 application fee will be financed into your loan

Basic Loan Requirements

  • Reduced interest rate eligibility determined by Accion, generally, your business must specialize in providing green products or services, or be eco-friendly in nature
  • Credit score of 525 or higher
  • Less than $3,000 in past due debt
  • No bankruptcies or late payments on your rent/mortgage in the past 12 months; no foreclosures in the past 24 months
  • No late payments on your rent or mortgage in the past 12 months
  • Sufficient cash flow to comfortably support monthly loan payments
  • You must own fewer than four (4) properties
  • Additional security may be required depending on strength of application.

Start-up business requirements

  • 6 or more months in operation: must show 6 or more months of business revenue
  • Must provide a qualified cosigner
  • If the business is not yet profitable, a borrower must have external income that is fully able to support the loan. If this income is spousal income, the spouse must sign on the loan.  
  • Provide a market study and 12 months of projected financials (or a business plan)
  • All required licenses


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Fresh Look Remodeling

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